The salon is owned by Susie, who from a young age wanted to be a hairdresser. Unfortunately her dreams were put on hold until she turned 21. 


After being made redundant a pep talk from a close friend encouraged her to get dressed up and go out and get herself a job. And that day she did exactly that and didn't come home until she achieved her goal and got a hairdressing apprenticeship in a reputable Bridport salon. 


A few years later she went out on her own doing mobile hairdressing and as the dedicated and passionate hairdresser she is this saw her walking to every client in and out of Beaminster. 


Susie had always wanted a salon of her own but never had the confidence to do it. In 1997 an old school friend was opening a new salon in  Beaminster called Head Office Hair Salon. Susie was offered a job here and after 2 years was given the opportunity to buy the salon. In 1999 Head Office Hair Salon became Susie's.

Apprentices have come and gone, most have carried on with the trade after the good start they were given by Susie at Head Office.


In 2005 along came Lisa, and as a 14 year old she used to come in after school as a shampooist and to carry out general duties.


Susie instantly saw Lisa's potential, and encouraged her to join as an apprentice when she left school. However it wasn't meant to be until 2 years later at the age of 18 when she applied to Weymouth college and her CV came through the door at Head Office, and seven years on she is an experienced and valuable member of our team.

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